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J enson Computers has vast experience of computerised typesetting since the times of manual varityper phototypesetting. Changing with the times and gaining rich technical experience from each technological upgradation phase, at present it is geared to take up any typesetting challange, Whether it be a technical manual or a Children story book, a dictionary or a Bible.


We undertake typesetting in English, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit and Marathi languages. We can also execute translation and typesetting of material in almost all Indian Regional languages.

Meeting the tight schedules of Typesetting is a challenge we meet successfully everyday! Whatever the task - we CAN complete it at an incredible speed.

We not only typeset but also scan your graphics with the latest high end flat bed/drum scanner.

Designing is an adventure sport for us. We explore the whole world for creating the uniqueness of your design job. Whether it is a newspaper insert, packaging item design, book title, Calendar, everything is superbly designed here.

We provide color proofs at 1440 dpi or photolab outputs to give you the preview of your product. Final Outputs are taken on world's best design studio systems hired by us exclusively for you.

Get the final outputs on positive films or .pdf files.

Some of the most remarkable typesetting assignments successfully handled by us are :

* Pavitra Bible (Gujarati : IBSI - International Bible Society India)

* Study Bible (Gujarati : BSI - Bible Society of India)

* Common language Bible (Gujarati : BSI - Bible Society of India)

* Hymnal Bible (Gujarati : BSI)

* Bible Speaks Today (BST) Commentary Series (Gujarati - Gujarat Tract & Book Society - GTBS). Original English series published by Inter-Varsity Press, UK.

* Bhajansangrah - Gujarati Hymnal (GTBS)

* ICI University Delhi (Assemblies of God) Books (Correspondence Courses for different age-groups in Gujarati language)

* TAFTEE (Certificate Bible Course material)

* Children Bible School (CBS) Course material by India Bible Literature (IBL)

* Vacation Bible School Course material (VBS Ministries)

* Biblical Reference Books, Dictionaries, Children Books, Comics, etc. (GTBS)

* Babasaheb Ambedkar - Sampoorna Akshardeh (Information Department - Government of Gujarat State)

* Numerous Technical and Engineering Drawing (CAD) books published by Rachel Prakashan. There are hundreds of other titles to add to this list.

So contact us..... Get your typesetting and designing job done perfectly through the PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEM THE BEST !!!

We also provide non-voice based BPO services in the areas of printing and publishing etc. through our sister concern - Jenson Infotech.